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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 7:55 pm
by MercilisGawd
1. Your city or town has a widely used nickname, such as Hell-town, sin city, manchvegas, Lynn City of Sin, War-town.

2. There is a Bodega or package store with bars on the windows on every corner. Usually owned by a Korean, Cambodian, or of asian decent.

3. Guns are easy to obtain. Even if you arent "gangster" your brother or sister probably knows someone who can get you a burner with a few bodys on it for 50 dollars.

4. You refer to firearms as a burner and the people that have been killed by it as bodys.

5. When your anger flares no matter how soft spoken you are every sentence will be punctuated or followed by either nigga, or some kind of obsenity. Even if you are white, with some exceptions depending on your whiteness.

6. Violence is an everyday thing, it doesnt affect you. You could be walking down the street and somebody could get jumped across from you and you wouldnt pay any attention.

7. You do NOT listen to Eminem unless you are female. Because Eminem is a bitch and so are people who listen to him.

8. You have heard the term throw the ones.

9. You have witnessed some quick spanish kid pull up his pants that were dragging on his ass doing so his shirt usually gets tucked into the back revealing his boxers then he "squares up" before he fights. All of this is done is one motion.

10. You do not wear the following: Aeropostal, A&F, shit from Hot Topic, mostly any place in the mall with the exception of shoes. You are a poor son of a bitch. You cant afford graphic Ts but you do seem to be able to afford a fresh pair of AF1s threw your ever thriving buisness of drug sales. There is an exception for those who have "escaped the ghetto" by going to college or going into witness protection, known as selling out to some.

11. If you belong to a set you do not wear your colors at all times, only when you are on a mission or going somewhere where you need to be known. On your block everyone knows you and knows who your affiliated with.

12. You do not wear a flag like tupac.

13. You know the whole history of hip hop and rap and where it is believed to have originated from. Queens Bridge, New York or the Bronx.

14. Your money quickly disappears because of spending it on useless shit.

15. You have worn a tall t during sometime in your life. There is an exception for those who thinks this trend is retarded.

16. Resentful of kids who come to where you live from small hick towns in an attempt to "score drugs" randomly asking people on the street.

PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 11:11 pm
by MercilisGawd
List which of these doesnt apply to you in numbers. If at least eight apply to you, you are most definately ghetto as shit.