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*Atlantic (-4 GMT)
*Anytime during summer, anywhere between 4 and 12 during school.
*Doom Legions, Silent Redemption (Friends guild joined under them).
*No activity in DL. Silent Redemtion: Friend Decided he didn't want to run a guild.
*I play Guildwars. Edit: And Unreal Tournament
*Really only Wrath, I have a low level Druid on Vin.

Toon infos:
*7 or 8 (Only 1 or 2 toons per account for dec-boxing)
* No
*Havn't been in a real active Nation so I havn't bothered getting any of the "relevant" runes. Active toons:

ShadowyGrave: Level 71 Rogue Assassin
ShadowyTomb: Level 50 Shade Scout
UnholyFury: Level 60 Human Fury
SilentBladez: Level 59 Bladeweaving Assassin
HolyBladez: Level 54 Dwarf Sentinel
StealthySpeed: Level 61 Aracoix Scout (Temporarily Gimped)
ShadowyFarm: Human Druid

I have both Vent and a Mic.

*Spec toons:
I have no problem rolling spec toons, gives me more variety in my play style.

Once you filled and post the application and are considered as a potential recruite a brief interview will follow in vent.
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