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Application please



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I live in Central Time zone NA

I play usually every night 6 to 9 pm CST and as much on week end as wife allows

I started playing Shadowbane shortly after it came out. I played on Death till it died
Then I jumped around on different servers. I have been on all the servers at least once
I have quit and come back (addictive personality) several times. I seem to pick guilds
that lose the leader and then goes down hill. Stuff happens
The most recent guild was Red's Rose Garden on Redemption. She stopped playing and
the guild went thru several other hands
I then tried Brailia, but it is pretty dead now.

MissMinnie is a huntress. When ever I start out in a new server it seems the best starting toon.
I have 2 accounts as I like to use something with track to level the none track toons like priests

I have vent and already signed on once.
Had a little trouble because of the 1(one) at the end of ventrilo1
I don't mind making a spec toon, but not sure what you want
I enjoy playing half giant warrior, wizard, heal priest, and scout


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Sorry to hear that


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TheLastOne Wrote:no

lmao, what a dick :D

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