Post Fri May 04, 2007 9:55 am

*age - >30
*time zone - Central
*Days and time of day that you usually play in Shadowbane -evenings weekdays, varies on Weekends
*former guilds/nations - none
*reason(s) why you left guild -N/A
*Do you play another game online at the moment beside Shadowbane? WOW
*Do you play in another server in Shadowbane? If yes which ones. no

Toon infos:
* Number of accounts - 1, will go to 2 with 2 computers when I get up to speed
* Does someone else have access to your account(s) ? no
*List your relevant toons, including class and levels, and add relevant info such as commander/sanctifier/prospector/saboteur/artillerist/
Brotherhawk Immortalitas - Vampire, Wizard, 22

*Ventrillo: Yes (and I have a mic, hehe)
We use ventrillo voice software. You ll need to have ventrillo (free download) to be considered as a recruite. A working mic is welcomed but not obligatory.

*Spec toons: ok
you ll need to roll at least 2 spec toons , this is mandatory.