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Requesting Permission to come aboard



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Post Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:24 am

*20 Year old.
*Central Time Zone
*Mostly Thursday and Friday almost straight through. Working on adjusting my sleep/work schedule to be free from 5-10 the rest of the week.
*No former guilds of any consequence. I am fairly new to the game.
*Mostly for lack of anyone being on more than just the one time to invite me to join.
*Currently Shadowbane is the only online game I invest any real time on, do participate in some X-Box Live every now and again.
*Some minor characters on Mourning. It's where I first started playing and still have a couple toons sitting there.

Toon infos:
* One account at the moment.
* I am the only person having access to this account. I never share accounts with anyone. Ever.
*RandomUndead - Vampire Necromancer nothing added to him at this point, just started up on this server so I am poorly geared and funded, but that will change quickly. Actually, Sedare Aeolius got me started on this game not to long ago so I am still getting the hang of some things, but I Right now I'm stuck using just my laptop, which is COMPLETELY lame, so I have somewhat of a graphics problem right now, but I'm starting to build my new tower should be done in the next month or so.
Just got setup on my laptop, so PM me or whatever to set up a time and so I can get the information to get on for the interview.

*Spec toons:
Open to spec a toon however you want. Let me know what I need to make and I will set to it ASAP.

Sedare Aeolius

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Post Mon Oct 08, 2007 12:08 pm

i vouch for him. he's my student, literally. lol

Game Design FTW
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