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Vendro application



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*age - 38
*time zone - Eastern
*Days and time of day that you usually play in Shadowbane - Evenings 7pm - 2am all week long.
*former guilds/nations - none in SB.
*reason(s) why you left guild
*Do you play another game online at the moment beside Shadowbane? Nothing serious, mainly FPS's to keep mah twitch skillz honed...
*Do you play in another server in Shadowbane? Just wrath, can play on any tho.

Toon infos:
* Number of accounts - 1. Will make a second for mule.
* Does someone else have access to your account(s) ? nope
*List your relevant toons, including class and levels, and add relevant info such as commander/sanctifier/prospector/saboteur/artillerist/ - Pretty new here, just a level 26 Aelf Ranger (named "Angri" currently a recruit), build based on forum builds information. I plan on making many toons on a couple of accounts and can fill whatever gaps are needed if any.

A must have for any serious guild, of course I have it and use it well..

*Spec toons:
you ll need to roll at least 2 spec toons , this is mandatory: No problem. tell me where I can level in the mainlands and I'll make 5 of em in no time!


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Get this guy access or ill use yer nutz as a speedbag

I'll use yer nutz as a speed-bag

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