Post Sat Aug 25, 2007 10:26 pm

*=No set time whenever i awake lol
*was in doomed tree didn't like the guild was also in temptation liked the guild but think we got owned.
*=was away from sb for awhile so not sure what happen
*=yes NWN

Toon infos:
* =2
* =no
*= AGINOR/Fighterlock/52/Summoner, DANESEF/Druid/58, RAOLIN/Fessor/73 (not sure what discipline he has), SHALAZAR/Scout/70 blackmask,runecaster,traveller,sabotuer LOAIL(HG/55/REGEN RANGER),

Have Vent Now

*Spec toons:
Have Rolled {Danesef Spec Druid}-{Raolins-Spec Sent}-{Arrian-Spec Vamp-Necro}-{Loail-HG Regen Ranger}-{Rao-U/A Warr}