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DarkFall :: after playing a couple days



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Post Mon May 04, 2009 7:14 pm

Well, Darkfall is indeed fun. A few more of my opinions to follow. I have been in game 3 total nights now. spanning about a 5 days.

1.) This is an open world pvp game. there is no arena that you have to find to kill or be killed. That alone makes this a game for me. at any moment I can be found shitting in my pants and dying lol.

2.) the level grind is not bad at all. there are plenty of macros and ways around it. its very comporable. There is no Fear grind imo. The time it takes to get skills is very doable.

3.) I dont like the sound setup at all. the main sound in the game and your voice chats share. meaning, they all come thru at same volumes. there are ways to reduce and improve, and its tolerable. but its finally something I dont like so far.

4.) We had our first pvp encounter last night. there was about 10 of us. and 7 of them. It was a blast...with only I think 6 deaths combined from both sides. The ability to elude your enemies in close combat battle is very different , and I personally like it.

There are 10-11 Hawks that are playing atm. roughly 2 more come each account activation date. I predict a decent stay with this game.

I will continue to give my opinions as I get them.

p.s. I hate the dark lol, and it seems to get dark alot in that game :(


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Post Thu May 07, 2009 6:26 am

about the sound thing..
i resorted to turning the ingame volume down a good deal (this is also your .WAV volume slider in windows)
and turned my vent inbound up to +3 though i think i might go a little lower on the wav bar and make vent +4

about the dark..
there is a gamma slider in the video options so push it over for nighttime and back in the day if its too bright for you
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Post Sun May 17, 2009 10:52 am

The 3D audio kind of let me down too. I'm used to games where the audio levels equate to the distance from your character. In this game, they usually sound like they're right next to you even when they're not. Beyond that I like the game, though there are a couple of grinds I'm not looking forward to.

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